We are diverse, we come from different continents, different cultures, we cannot be recognised by our dress, we speak different languages, each of us may have a different profession, we may be in the company of different people, and yet there is something that unites us: sharing the conditions of life of all lay people, we profess chastity, poverty and obedience. Our consecration simultaneous with secularity and the same concern that accompanied St Dominic: "what will happen to sinners?" is realised in the Dominican spirituality that we live in the Institute affiliated to the Dominican Order. Although each of us lives separately, we form a Community. These sisterly bonds strengthen us on our daily journey. We are also united by a history made up of rich experiences and a tradition that has been built up uninterruptedly for more than 130 years.



General Moderator

The French Province

Marie Lourdes Constant
The Provincial Moderator

The Province of France currently has about 50 people. The members of this Province live in:
- France and Reunion Island,
- Ivory Coast,
- Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),
- Republic of Congo (RC),
- Vietnam,
- Haiti.

The Polish Province

Anna Skotnicka
The Provincial Moderator

The Polish Province currently has about 40 people living in Poland, Hungary and Lithuania.
The members are divided into 5 Regional Groups:
- The Warsaw Group,
- The Poznan Group,
- The Suwalki Group,
- The Krakow Group,
- The English Group.